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How to behave on the DVTk.org websites

The DVTk Community is well known for it’s friendliness and willingness to help those who need it. In order to keep that reputation, and to be able to act on those instances where the reputation may be damaged, we have made a set of simple rules every member should abide by. This DVTkquette applies to all members at any time, on every part of the DVTk.org websites. Registration for this website and/or use of the DVTk websites constitutes as agreement to these Terms.


Text – Do not spoof or post misleading text in, or it will be removed.
Images – Please do not use images in your signature, they distract from the main content of a post.
Sizes – Please do not change the size of the signature text.
Length – Please keep your signature to no more than three lines. We know this depends on the size of someone’s monitor, so if it’s more than three lines on kerz’s monitor, it’ll get removed :).

General Posting Guidelines

Cross posting – Please post your topic to one forum only. If it needs to be moved, alert a moderator.
Language – Please keep the use of offensive language to a minimum. We are here for people of all ages, and want everone to feel comfortable. Offensive language constitutes as profanity, racial, ethnic, and gender based insults or any other personal discriminations, and posts meant to offend or hurt any other member.
Spamming and Trolling – We do not tolerate spamming or off-topic trolling in any forum. If you do this, you will be warned once, and any further abuse will result in your account being deactivated, or even your IP being banned from the sites.
Topics – Please stay on topic. For general conversation, please use the General Discussions forum.
Links – Pornography, warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.
Images – Please keep your images on topic and mind the size and dimensions, as not everyone may be on a broadband internet connection.
Be Nice! – We pride ourselves in being a tight-knit community that polices itself well, and we want to keep it that way. This means showing respect to all members.
If you abide by this DVTkquette, everyone will enjoy their participation the better!

  • Training DICOM Fundamentals and DVTk applied

    The two-day training DICOM Fundamentals and DVTk applied combines theoretical knowledge, practical training and in-depth application.

  • Training Mirth Connect Fundamentals

    The two-day training Mirth Connect Fundamentals combines theoretical knowledge, practical training and in-depth application.

  • DICOM Consultancy

    With many years of experience in DICOM and 2nd generation DICOM(IHE-RO) ICT Group is the independent DICOM partner for advice.

  • DICOM Verification & Validation

    Proper verification&validation testing of communication interfaces (DICOM/HL7) should be a focal point for vendors, since it saves money.

  • DICOM Implementation

    Adding a DICOM interface to a product allowing communication with other systems requires expertise in what would suit a product best. What library to use, what services to implement , how, and how to test, etc. Want to know more?

  • A Conformance Statement in a week?

    Writing a proper and accurate DICOM conformance statement for your product expediently is an art. Could you use help?

  • DICOM interface scan

    Would you want to know what to improve on your products' DICOM interfaces in order to realize better interoperability with other systems?

  • 2023d standard definition files

    Order the DICOM 2023d standard DVTk definition files here!

  • DICOM Compare

    DICOM Compare helps you to easily identify differences between DICOM files.

  • DICOM Editor

    With the DICOM Editor you can quickly modify existing DICOM files.

  • DICOM Network Analyzer

    The DICOM Network Analyzer allows you to quickly and easily capture and analyze DICOM TCP/IP packages from the network.

  • DVT

    DVT is the DICOM Validation Tool from the DVTk Project. It contains a wide range of features like DICOM test script management, Storage Emulators and DICOM Media validation.

  • Query Retrieve SCP Emulator

    This application emulates the Query Retrieve benavior of a PACS.

  • RIS Emulator

    The RIS Emulator gives you the ability to emulate a RIS system.

  • Storage SCP Emulator

    This application emulates the Storage SCP and Storage Commitment SCP behavior of a PACS.

  • Storage SCU Emulator

    This application emulates the Storage SCU and Storage Commitment SCU behavior of a modality.


  • DVTK news update – March 2020

    We are happy to inform you about the DICOM 2020a Standard DVTk definition files. At the same time, we would like to point out the new releases of the DVTk based applications.Read more

  • DVTK news update – June 2019

    We would like to draw your attention to DVTk updates coming soon and to inform you about the official DICOM standard press release of the potential DICOM 128-Byte Preamble vulnerability. At the same time, we would like to point out an important event to you taking place in the Netherlands.Read more

  • DVTK new update – November 2018

    We would like to inform you on our a upcoming training event, about DVTk being actively used as a basis for IHE-RO validation test tools, our visit to SIIM 2018 this year and thank the dvtk contributors that supported by acquiring 2018a definition files this year. Would you like to know more?Read more

  • DVTk news update – April 2018

    Dear All, We are happy to inform you about about the DICOM 2018a Standard DVTk definition files, and well as on the release of a new version of the DICOM Editor. Worth mentioning is also our presence at SIIM 2018 this year. Curious? Take a look at this news update.Read more

  • DVTk news update – May 2017

    Happy to inform you about the DVT tools release, now available for download. Also we announcing: the winning submission of the new DVTk application icon contest. Read more

  • DVTk news update – April 2017

    We would like to inform you via this news update on the DVTK initiative. As a community we are planning to make further steps regarding the DVTk open source DICOM tool set at www.dvtk.org this year. Read more