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ICT Group maintains the open source DVTk tooling, but also provides commercial services at this website.


ICT Group has a track record in medical data exchange and provides expert services related to medical standards. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of technology, safety and integration, they support companies with the go-to-market of medical devices. Because of experience in the field of medical software development, ICT ensures that the software complies with all laws and regulations. They therefore support the entire development phase: from prototype to working and safe medical device.


ICT Group is a company that boasts :

  • Over 40 years of experience in software development and testing
  • Delivers medical grade quality software (CE/FDA), conforming to ISO13485
  • Worldwide service and support
  • Over 85 employees in the healthcare market
  • Extensive DICOM expertise
  • 100+ projects worldwide
  • An active member of IHE since 2004
  • Intimately familiar with 2nd Generation DICOM Radiation Oncology
  • Offering Clinical Decision Support and DICOM Structured Reporting solutions
ICT Group - Healthcare puzzle pieces

ICT Group participates in and/or follows working groups / committees:

  • DICOM Workgroup 7 / Brachy / ION / 2nd Generation
  • DICOM Validation Tool kit (DVTk) Consortium
  • IHE-NL Several working groups, steering committee
  • IHE-RO Technical Committee

DICOM related services ICT Group offers are:

Healthcare standards adept


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