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RIS Emulator

RIS Emulator
Name: RIS Emulator
Version: 5.0.0
Release Date: May 2017
License: LGPL


The RIS Emulator gives you the ability to emulate a RIS system. The Modality Worklist Information Model is build up from DICOM files, used as input. The RIS Emulator will do the rest for you by handling the requests and responses. All communication is logged in detail using XML and HTML.

Key Features
MWL Information Model based on DICOM files
Detailed logging
Randomized responses

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7,Windows 8 or Windows 10
.NET 4.0 Framework

Because the RIS Emulator is easy to setup with the demo data, it is a nice tool for service engineers. The ability to create your own MWL Information Model makes it also useful for test engineers and software developers. Especially when you use the randomization option you can use the RIS Emulator for endless testing.

Main screen:



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