DVTk Library

Binaries and source code

The latest stable DVTk Library release will always be downloadable on this page or directly downloadable on SourceForge.

Release date for the DVTk library 3.2.3 is March 2012.


API documentation

This documentation should help you in the use of the DVTk library and understanding the structure. We will try to update the documentation on regular bases to provide you with the latest additions. Check the publication date below to see the current version.

You can download the API Documentation or view it online:

  • Download Compiled Help File (chm) (still for the older version of the library)
  • View Online (html) (still for the older 3.0.6 version of the library)

If you download and open the chm help file and see an "Action canceled" screen you need to change the security permissions. Right click the chm file, go to Properties and click Unblock. See also the screen below.
Unblock the DVTk-API Help File